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Iowa Land Management & Real Estate, based in Vinton, Iowa has been proudly serving farmers, property owners, buyers and the community for over 40 years.

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The staff of Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company has been conducting business out of our current office at 415 A Avenue in Vinton, Iowa since the 1970s. The name was changed in 2005, but the personnel, policies, and commitment to great service has remained the same since.

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Introducing Our New Conservation Farm Lease: Preserving the Farm for Future Generations

By: Jeremy Sills, President In a world facing numerous environmental challenges, the importance of sustainable agriculture and responsible land management cannot be overstated. As a response to this pressing need, we are proud to introduce our new Conservation Farm Lease, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at promoting stewardship and preservation of our natural resources for future […]

Ten land management principles and practices to follow if you own forest in Iowa

Written by Luke Gran, Certified Forester and Owner of Prudenterra, for Iowa Land Management & Real Estate May 3, 2023 As of 2021, forest land use made up 8% of Iowa or 2.85 million acres. These areas are mostly too steep or wet to grow annual crops but perennial trees can produce a crop of […]

Why Conservation Should Matter to a Landowner

By Evan Brehm; Conservation Agronomist Iowa Soybean Association As the famous Iowan, Aldo Leopold, once said, “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” This implies that if we give back to our land, it will give back…


The Lovett family has owned our farm for more than 70 years. Dr. Dean Lovett was a farm boy who loved the land. He felt that if something happened to him, that our mother, Dorothy, would be able to live there and raise enough to feed us. Dean came to the conclusion that he wasn’t as good a farmer as he thought and wisely turned the farm management over to professional hands.

Lee Beneke and Dave Wessling have managed the farm for over 40 years. We have never had a reason to question their integrity or skills and look to the future with confidence.

The Lovett farm will remain in the family into the 5th generation by the grace of God and the management expertise of Dave Wessling and Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company.”  -Janice from Oregon

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and concern in managing the farm property which was inherited from my mother in 2000. It’s been a great benefit having the guidance and expertise of your knowledge over the years. I feel you have the best interest in what is good for the land in mind. The assistance and discussion on the different ways to resolve issues that arise over time are a great comfort. Also, the timeliness of your responses is very much appreciated.”  – Marilyn in Iowa

We have been associated with Dave Wessling for approximately seven years. During that time, he has been our Farm Manager thereby freeing us of any worries or concerns about our farm property. This is a great benefit and relief to us as we are out of state and cannot be in Iowa often to take care of the property. We find him to be very knowledgeable and extremely competent in taking care of our property. Thank you, Dave, for the fine job you are doing.”  – Kay from North Carolina

“Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company is unique in that it represents family values along with friendly, competent, courteous and expedient service. Thanks Dave and Connie!”  – Judy from Iowa

“We’re investors, not farmers. Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company takes the worry out of our investment by providing professional management and experienced decision-making resulting in superior performance.”  – Don and Gwen from Iowa

“Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company has been managing my property for seven years. I am very satisfied. Dave understands the complicated details of managing farm property in today’s environment.” – James from Florida

“I have been with Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company for over seven years. Dave always takes time to talk about decisions that need to be made about the farm. I have been able to make improvements and have more income with his help and I highly recommend him and his staff.” – Maxine from Iowa

“After 45 years as a satisfied client of Iowa Land Management and Real Estate Company and its predecessor, we do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing farm management services. Dave Wessling, President, is a professional manager as evidenced by his goal to keep the land in good shape and yet meet the investment goals of the owner and to keep good renters. One family has rented the same land for 58 years. Each month we receive a detailed financial report with a personal note from Dave pertaining to the farm. We always feel comfortable calling the company if we have a question. We have been able to enjoy our Florida retirement because we have no concerns about the farm and can enjoy the income.”  – Lucille from Florida

“I have been a client for over 15 years. The benefits for me are the knowledge that a professional is in charge of the farming operation. I am not in the same region and therefore need someone to handle the farm affairs – someone competent and knowledgeable. I have complete peace of mind that we have the best contracts and steady communication with the farm “operator” that can be obtained. I have satisfaction with decision-making, planning of land usage, cost-tracking, accounting, advice on subsidies and the farm program, and all aspects of farming in Iowa.” – Bob in Colorado