Hunting Leases

Hunting Leases

We offer hunting leases as part of our services! Whether you’re looking for a place to hunt, or are looking to lease your land out to someone, we can help. If you are looking to lease deer hunting land, pheasant hunting land, or any type of hunting land in Iowa, Southern Minnesota or Western Illinois, Iowa Land Management Co has many established relationships with landowners and hunters in these regions. Hunting leases are a great way for owners of Whitetail properties to control the deer population and/or earn additional income.

The value of hunting rights on different properties is as varied as the characteristics of the different properties. Location, size, surrounding property types, access, type(s) of wild game that is available, length of hunting seasons, and any special requirements/regulations are all part of what determines the value of the hunting property lease.

As advocates for our clients, our landowners, we’ll make sure you’re protected from a liability standpoint. We’ll verify insurance and draft a well written lease. This lease will outline the responsibilities of all parties involved.

As part of the service, we work with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on such things as predation permits and also consult with them on developing habitat that will better accommodate the hunting lease that’s in place on your land, and enhance the wildlife found there.

Iowa Land Management & Real Estate Company maintains relationships with hunters and land owners in all of Iowa and parts of Minnesota and Illinois.

We just recently launched a new website dedicated to hunting leases and available properties to lease!

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